As we commence our stewardship after assuming the mantle of leadership of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), it is incumbent upon us to acknowledge the bountiful blessings of the Almighty God who has guided and protected us over the years.

Our special thanks and appreciation go to Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia, for our preferment. This has afforded us the opportunity to be of service to the nation and our fellow citizens.

We would like also to thank the Board of Directors and Staff of the Corporation for the warm welcome and embrace accorded us since our ascendancy, and hope that this positive spirit will be transmuted into team work during our incumbency.

At the inception of our administration, we want to emphasize human resource development (training) and public education as our priority areas, given their importance to the forward march of the Corporation.

As it is often said, "Training makes a ready man." As NASSCORP's operations are being automated, occasioned by the ongoing reforms of its program, the need to expose our employees to constant training so as to come to grips with the ever-changing technological advancement at workplace becomes inevitable.

If we are to maximize the benefits of technology, we must train our employees and other functionaries in the use of these modern electronic gadgets as well as expose them to the new work environment and culture dictated by familiarity with the use of modern high-tech equipment. Our training programs will comprise both local and external components that are short-term and long-term in nature. Personnel in key functional areas of the Corporation will benefit without discrimination. As you may be aware, investing in manpower development is worthwhile and no serious institution can ignore it, let alone NASSCORP.

Social Security is the handmaiden of organized labor. If labor is to be adequately served or supported by social security, workers who constitute the bulwarks of labor must understand the importance and inner workings of social security. Once workers understand their rights and obligations under the program through constant education, they will be in a better position to assert them.

It is against this background that we are stressing the necessity of workers education during our stewardship. In this wise, we wish to assure them that the Corporation's vigorous educational campaign initiated years ago, will continue with intensity until everyone in the country gets to know the importance of the Liberian Social Security Program. Relent, we will not, until the negative notion some people have about the Corporation and the program it administers is erased and social security becomes a way of life in Liberia, when people can "thank the act social security".

By using the print and electronic media as well as interpersonal communication (interactive forum), our educational team will engage and eventually capture the other workers who are not yet in the safety net of social security and the general public, thereby broadening the coverage of the program.

To our partners in progress (registered employers and insured employees), we enlist you cooperation in making the social security program even more viable. This cooperation takes on the form of timely collection and remittance of contributions to the corporation, the prompt reporting of job-related accidents to you supervisors, the submission of claims, and the submission of payrolls though the prescribed format (Excel spreadsheet via email).

As a corporation, we will do our part by paying benefits on time, in the right amounts and to the legitimate beneficiaries as well as by prudently investing portion of the contribution intake in profitable ventures for the sustainability of the program.

We look forward to a fruitful and cordial working relationship with our registered employers and employees during the months and years ahead.

Lastly and by no means the least, we would like to thank the editorial staff of NASSCORP for creating the platform through which NASSCORP corporate information can be disseminated.

Thank You!



Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide future financial security for those under the schemes - employees of both the public and private sectors of Liberia in the event of occupational injury, old age, invalidity or death.

As a vision we will strive at all times for corporate excellence in providing quality social protection services through the following: quality staff, sound financial management, high yield and viable short-medium term investments, effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation system.

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