A new corps of officers of the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation Workers union has been inducted into office for a two-year period. The ceremony was held at the Corporation's head office on Friday, June 12, 2015.

Those inducted into office include

  • Thomas P. Johnson ------ President
  • Feeta Traub-Sando ------- Vice President for Administration
  • Abubakar K. Kordor ------ Vice President for Operations
  • Felimoh Dulleh ------------ General Secretary
  • John A. Darkorlon -------- Financial Secretary
  • Comfort Seville ------------ Treasurer
  • Rose Watts ----------------- Chaplain

This new corps of officers succeeded the Marie Free-Mensah administration whose term of office expired in October 2014, the height of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

Mr. Johnson was elected in April this year, when he defeated one-time president of NASSCORP Workers' Union, Mr. M. Anthanisius Carr, in a tightly fought election.

In his inaugural address, President Johnson thanked his fellow employees for the confidence reposed in him, and promised to create harmonious working environment at the level of NASSCORP Workers Union by focusing on effective representation, accountability and unity.

He added that his administration would seek to negotiate with management on reasonable demands in a timely and matured manner in championing the voices of every employee. The new union boss pledged his administration's commitment to uniting all employees, regardless of their assignments and backgrounds.

He thanked Management for promoting good labor practices at the Corporation as well as creating the enabling environment for the successful conduct of the just-ended elections.

Meanwhile, President Johnson has set up several committees and appointed individuals to them. They include: Ways & Means, headed by Constance Bartu; Publicity, white Kezelle Vanyanbah as head; Grievance Committee, headed by Miatta W. Langford; Social Welfare Committee, chaired by Francilia Joejoe; and Program & Planning Committee, with Rose Gerring as its head.

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Story by: The Public Affairs Department

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide future financial security for those under the schemes - employees of both the public and private sectors of Liberia in the event of occupational injury, old age, invalidity or death.

As a vision we will strive at all times for corporate excellence in providing quality social protection services through the following: quality staff, sound financial management, high yield and viable short-medium term investments, effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation system.

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