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The Executive Summary of the 2014 Annual Report of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) is submitted in adherence to the Act establishing the Corporation. The Act mandates that Management, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, submit an annual report to the President of Liberia on the state or affairs of the Corporation.

The reporting period of this report covers the 1st January through 31st December 2014. Highlighted in the report are the the key activities and major achievements of the Corporation during the period. The current calendar year marks one of the most challenging periods in our nation's history, enduring a regional Ebola pandemic which threatened to reverse economic gains achieved since this administration. Unprecedented which threatened from the international community in abating the health crisis has begun to restore confidence an lay the path for Liberia's post Ebola recovery.

Management's perspective and future outlook for the short and medium term is indeed positive.

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