Mr. Rally T Fallah, a fellow of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, has expressed thanks and appreciation to the Management of the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) for providing him the amount of US$500.00 which enabled him to facilitate his study in the United States of America.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on NASSCORP Director General, Dewitt vonBallmoos recently, Mr. Fallah, who was received as the only visually impaired person in the group of sixteen (16) persons, said he met the requisite criteria to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program.

When quizzed on what he intends to do in Liberia, Mr. Fallah said he plans to initiate a project called "Building the Capacity of Young People with disabilities through assistive modern technology". He said it will be done through research and case study methods, and later create a computer lab for the visually and hearing impaired using a software called Job Access With Speech (JAWS) and Hearing Aids.

The Mandela Washington Fellow acknowledged the challenges ahead, but said it is a process and not an event. He thanked NASSCORP for helping him in his time of needs.

Mr. Fallah hoped to travel to South Africa next year in an exchange program founded by the Mandela Washington Fellowship called "Professional Development Experience."

The Young Adult Leadership Initiative (YALI) was established in 2010 and later changed to the Mandela Washington Fellowship by President Barack Obama to scout five hundred young African across the continent. The fellowship teaches young people in Entrepreneurship, Civil Leadership and Public Management Leadership.


Story by: The Public Affairs Department

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