• 2.0 What is NASSCORP?

    Answer: NASSCORP is a short form or abbreviation for the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation. NASSCORP was established on July 10, 175 by the Liberian Legislature. The Liberian Legislature mandated that NASSCORP implement three Schems or plan to provide support or relief to employed persons in times of need.

  • 2.1 What are the three Schemes of NASSCORP?

    Answer: The three Schemes of NASSCORP that we created are: (1) Employment Injury Scheme; (2) National Pension Scheme(NPS); and (3) Welfare Scheme(WS). At the present time, only the EIS and NPS are in operation. Still, the three Schemes of NASSCORP are plans or programs designed to provide support or relief to persons covered for protections.

  • 2.2 How can I be covered by the schemes?

    Answer: As long as you work with an employer who is registered with NASSCORP, and that employer has one or more employees, the employer must register you with NASSCORP and then you are covered.

  • 2.3 What do you mean by an employer who is registered with NASSCORP?

    Answer: Under the laws of Liberia, an employer who is registered with NASSCORP is an employer who has been assigned an employer registration code and issued an Employer Registration Certificate for NASSCORP.

  • 2.4 What determines whether employers are covered under EIS or NPS?

    Answer: When a new employer is registered with NASSCORP and that employer has one or more employees, the employees are automatically covered under the Employment Injury Scheme(EIS) and the National Pension Scheme (NPS).

  • 2.5 How do I get a Social Security Number and Identification Card?

    Answer: Getting a Social Security Number and Identification card is a very simple process. Just ask your employer to let you fill out a social security form called the Employee Registration Form, otherwise known as Form 2. The form requires basic information about you and your dependents and you will be required to attach one (1) color passport sized photo to the form. When you have completed the form, return ir to your employer who will then give the form and your photo to the nearest NASSCORP regional office for further processing. NASSCORP will then assign you a 9-digit Social Security Number, produce an ID card for you, and send the card to you through your employer. Note: Whenever you start a new job your employer should have you fill out a social security form called the Employee Registration Form. Also you must have a new 9-digit Social Security ID Cas in order to claim any social security benefit.

  • 2.6 What happens if I misplace my Social Security ID Card?

    Answer: If you misplace you ID card you must inform you employer right away. your employer will then inform the nearest social security regional office in order to process a new ID card for you.

    Note: Although your ID is issued free of charge, you will be charged a fee of US$5.00 for the reproduction of a misplaced card.

  • 2.7 How can I continue my coverage under the Schemes if I change employers?

    Answer: If you should change employer, simply tell you new employer that you were covered by the NASSCOP shcemes under your previous employer and then show the new employer your ID card. Your new employer will then work with NASSCORP through its nearest regional office to update your records and transfer you contribution credits from your previous employer to your new employer.

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