• 5.0 What happens to my benefit if I have more than one job?

    Answer: Your benefits are not threatened if you have more than one job. According to the law, you must pay contributions on earnings you receive from every job that you have, no matter how many different employers you work for. When you are claiming benefits,earnings from each job is taken into account to calculate your benefits.

  • 5.1 If I lose my job and become self-employed, but I am not yet 60 years and I want to continue paying my contributions under the NPS, what should I do?

    Answer: If you find yourself in this situation, simply send a letter to the Director General of NASSCORP, asking him/her to allow you to continue paying your contributions towards the NPS. Since you are self-employed, your letter will need to describe exactly what job you are doing as a self-employed person, and it should describe how much money you earn each month. If your request is approved, you will be allowed to pay into the NPS an amount of 5% of your gross monthly earnings from your last employer.

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