• 1.0 Employer

    An employer is defined as any person or organization that requires work from one or more individuals and pays for their labor. An employer may be the owner of a business or someong who acts on behalf of the owner as an agent and pays remuneration to his/her worker(s).

  • 1.2 Employee

    An employee is one who works or renders services for an employer for pay.

  • 1.2 Remuneration

    Remuneration includes salaries, wages, incentive payments, overtime bonuses, payments in kind and all other kinds of payments made to the employee by the employer for services rendered.

  • 1.3 Contribution

    A contribution is the money paid monthly or within a pay period by an insured employer and/or employee to the social security schemes (EIS and NPS) to secure benefit coverage.

  • 1.4 Employment Injury Scheme (EIS)

    The EIS is a plan that provides financial and/or material protection to members of the schemes who sustain commuting accidents, industrial accidents, or contract occupational diseases or their families when a member dies from job-related accident.

  • 1.5 Commuting Accident

    This is an accident that may occur if and when an employee is traveling to work, on work assignment, or from work. For example, this would apply if your employee is in an automobile accident while driving to work in the morning.

  • 1.6 Industrial Accident

    This is an accident that may occur if or when an employee becomes injured while working with machinery, tools, or chemicals on the job. For example, this would apply if your employee fell from a ladder and sustained injuries while on the job.

  • 1.7 Occupational Disease

    Occupational diseases are any disease that an employee might get as a result of the work they perform.

  • 1.8 Safety Measure

    Safety measure may apply to security guidelines instituted or safety equipment and gadgets supplied by an entity to prevent accidents that may cause injuries or condition that could cause occupational diseases.

  • 1.9 National pension Scheme (NPS)

    The NPS is a plan that provides helps to old people who have given up work, young people who have had to stop work because of serious illness or disablement and dependents of members of the scheme who have died.

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