• 6.0 Records to Maintain

    As an employer, you must maintain accurate records of all the accident events or injuries as well as the nature of the employees' job and/or conditions which led to the accident or injury.

  • 6.1 Accident Book

    As the employer, you are required to maintain an Accident Book in which to record the details of all job-related accidents. You are required to keep it in a known and accessible place to enable your employees to record details of any accident that may happen at any time. The Accident Book should be kept for at least 5 years and must contain the following particulars:

    1. Full name of injured person
    2. Age of injured person
    3. Occupation or injured person
    4. Address of injured person
    5. Date and time of accident
    6. Place of accident
    7. Cause of accident
    8. Name and address of person making entry (if not injured person)
    9. Description of what took place; and
    10. Names, addresses, and occupations of two(2) witnesses
    6.1.1 Notice of Accident
    You are required to tell your employees that if they are involved in a job-related accident, the foreman, supervisor or the designated person must immediately or as immediately as possible record the details of the accident in the Accident Book. That individual must notify management within 48 hours. If the injured employee does not inform you of the accident, but the accident takes place in your presence or the presence of the supervisor, you or the supervisor must prepare an accident report.
    6.1.2 Following Notice of Accident
    When you are notified of an accident, you must first check to know whether the details of the accident or the injury have been recorded in the Accident Book. If the accident details were not recorded, you must do it yourself in time. Fill in Form-B26 (Accident Report) and send it to the nearest NASSCORP Regional Office (Regional Office in the area where the accident occured). Important: You must send the Form-B26 to the Regional Office within 48 hours of the accident, if the accident is very severe and likely to cause death or permanent diablement. If the accident is less serious,you may send the report within 14 days.
  • 6.2 If a person loses their current job, and if they ahave not reached age 60 and they are now self-employed, and they want to continue paying contributions under the NPS, what should they do?

    Answer: Tell your employee that if he/she is ever in the position, they should send a letter to the Director General of NASSCORP, asking for permission to continue paying contributions toward the NPS. The letter will need to describe the exact nature of self employed entity and exactly how much the individual now earns monthly. If the application is approved, the individual will be allowed to pay at a rate of 5% of his/her gross monthly earnings.

  • 6.3 Is it true that some foreigners are not eligible for coverage?

    Answer: All foreigners except those who are excluded by law are eligible for coverage under NASSCORP schemes. All foreigners employed by an employer in Liberia and who are receiving earnings in Liberia are covered. Upon permanent departure from Liberia, foreigners who have been receiving earnings in Liberia can apply for a refund of all contributions paid to the NPS. If they wish, these foreigners can leave their contributions in teh NPS and at age 60 NASSCORP will transmit their pensions to them in their respective countries in internationally accepted currencies.

  • 6.4 Can a person choose to cease to be a member of the schemes?

    Answer: A person cannot choose to remove themselves from the NASSCORP schemes. According to the laws of Liberia, the National Social Security program is a compulsory Social Insurance Program instituted by the Government of Liberia.

  • 6.5 What effect does the NPS have on special pension programs offered by you to your employees?

    Answer: The NPS does not interfere with any pension plans you may offer to your employees. However, the special pension plan must not interfere with or prevent you the employer or the employee from contributing to the NASSCORP schemes.

  • 6.6 Is there any difference between the NPS and Labour Law Pension?

    Answer: Yes. The Labour Law Pension requires that an employee work for an employer for 25 or more consecutive years to qualify for pension. Under the NPS however, an employee may change jobs as many times as possible and that person may work for eight(8) years and four(4) months only, but not necessarily for 25 or more years.

  • 6.7 Is a widower entitled to death benefit?

    Answer: Widowers are not entitled to a death benefit under the schemes, unless he is incapacitated mentally or physically and was previously living with or depending on the deceased wife for support.


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