The Executive Summary of the 2013 Annual Report of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) is submitted in adherence to the Act establishing the Corporation. The Act mandates that Management, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, shall submit an annual report to the President of Liberia on the affairs of the Corporation.

This report, which covers the period 1 January to 30 December 2013, catalogs key activities and major achievements of the Corporation. The document also highlights major challenges and presents Management's perspective and outlook for the medium term.

The performance of the Corporation during the period is assessed in the context of broader national objectives and priorities of the Government in consonance with its statutory mandate. The year 2013 marks the final year of the Corporation's Five-Year Strategic Plan which established an aggressive agenda for rebuilding the two operating schemes following a protracted period of civil unrest.

This years reports reflects on the performance of the Corporation relative to the targets and objectives set out at the beginning of the Strategic Plan. Also, 2013 marked the start of the implementation of the Corporation's reform agenda which involves fundamental changes in the existing Social Security Program and Legislation.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide financial security to sustain the quality of life of all workers.

As a vision we will strive at all times to deliver convenient and exceptional service through innovative solutions in bridging income gaps and improving the quality of life for all beneficiaries.

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