The Management of Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) has expressed gratefulness to the Management of National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) for timely handling a job-related accident case involving one of its employees.

Robert G. Zankah, according to the SRC Management, got involved in a job-related accident in February, 2017, and through the intervention of NASSCORP’s Management, he was quickly referred to J. F. K. Medical Center for medical attention in Monrovia.

Since Zankah’s case could not be handled following three weeks at the J.F.K. Medical Center, the management of the rubber company informed NASSCORP on the status of its employee.

Given the urgency that was attached to the situation, the SRC Management pointed out, NASSCORP Management wasted no time in initiating the process of securing a passport, air tickets and perdiem for Zankah and his attendants to be flown to Ghana for advanced medical treatment.

The SRC Management praised NASSCORP’s effort to ensure that Zankah was flown back to Ghana for the second time on January 10, 2018 for 21 days’ additional medical check-up, adding, “Honestly speaking, had it not been for the quick intervention of NASSCORP, Mr. Zankah would have died a premature death.”

The rubber company said upon its employee’s return from Ghana following intensive medical treatment, he was fit to resume work, something which he could not do for six months prior to the time he was flown out of Liberia to that West African nation for medical attention.

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